About the Series


The Newfounds (b. 2006) The Newfounds lived among us unknown until one day Mister Lynch discovered them trudging through the snow. Dressed in their iconic blank outfits, they almost blended in with the snow. But, with a curious wonder, creative eye, and gentle approach Mister Lynch made first contact. It took a few chance meetings for The Newfounds to trust Mister Lynch enough to appoint him their documentarian and ultimately spokesperson for their civilization. Since that first meeting they have traveled around the world. As far away as Central Park, and as close as Mount Everest, The Newfounds have taken Mister Lynch to many unforgettable locations and allowed him to capture their sense of whimsy, wonder and pass along the opportunity for the viewer to take a moment and inspect and reflect on their surroundings

About the Artist

Mister Lynch (b. 1975 d. Not Yet) is an American visual storyteller working across a variety of media platforms. Having established early success as a commercial photographer, Lynch’s work explores ideas of identity, sense of place, and origin in modern America. 


To date, the artist’s largest body of work centers around the Newfounds, a continuing photographic series that feature blank white model figures exploring an out-sized reality. The idea for the project germinated from an instance during a photography exhibition when Lynch utilized a miniature blank figure model as a tool to show the accurate scale in an image. From this seed of an idea, the series grew in ambition, scope and content into the uncannily powerful collection of images that it represents today. 


The Newfounds are removed from the rapid-fire digital production modes of commercial photography. The images are as often the result of serendipitous, momentary inspiration as much as the result of a meticulous process-based production method where Lynch creates full-scale dioramas in which the figures interact with their environment. The settings evoke early 19th century photographers who captured documentary-based images on photographic expeditions such as that of Eadweard Muybridge, famous for his epic imagery of the American West. Lynch captures this pioneering spirit of exploration, introducing the Newfounds to new theatres and stages during his travels, finding beauty in the mundane - a break from the expectations of reality. In this way, the Newfounds become a blank canvas of interpretations, a conveying mechanism for deeper readings of time and place. 


Christopher Lynch has exhibited both domestically as well as internationally, curated and directed numerous art projects, and held an artist residency at the Museum of Art and Design, New York. He lives and works in New York. 

The Newfounds